Your rhythm, styled by Luke Storey.




Two of my biggest passions in life are biohacking and fashion, and in creating Gilded I’ve combined the two. Every pair of Gilded glasses is made with the leading blue light blocking lenses set in frames that I’ve handpicked to elevate every one of your looks. - Luke Storey

We block 100% of harmful blue light, day & night

Toxic blue light is everywhere. It destroys your health by disrupting your Circadian Rhythm and preventing you from getting the restorative sleep you need. To save yourself from this light you need to wear blue light blocking glasses, and Gilded glasses are the solution. Made with the most effective blue light blocking lenses on the market, and handpicked by biohacker and former Hollywood Fashion stylist, Luke Storey, Gilded glasses give you the sleep you need to live the life you want while elevating your style.





Blue light is a color of light needed during the day, especially at sunrise, from it’s natural source the sun, to release cortisol, promote alertness and focus, and to set our body’s natural Circadian rhythm. Artificial blue light, from sources such as device screens, TV’s, streetlamps, city lights, and car lights, is a distorted color of light with detrimental effects on our health.

Taking in artificial blue light after dark tricks our bodies into thinking it is still daylight, which disrupts our Circadian rhythm and prevents restorative sleep. Taking in artificial blue light during the day is disruptive to our health because it lacks in the healing red and infrared light with which blue light is balanced in sunlight.

A disrupted Circadian rhythm and a lack of restorative sleep leads to a decrease in vitality, and to long term chronic health issues such as obesity, anxiety, depression, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases. Taking in artificial blue light during the day also leads to the above effects as well as to eye strain, and a decrease in energy and brain function.

By wearing blue light blocking day lenses you will block 100% of damaging artificial Blue Light at 455nm as measured across the light spectrum. By wearing blue light blocking night lenses lenses you expand that blue light blocking coverage even further to 550nm into range of disruptive green light. Gilded glasses are made using a proprietary blend of pigments, including melanin, which is infused directly into the lenses to fully block harmful blue light.

By blocking harmful blue light during the day and at night, you will set your body’s natural Circadian rhythm, which will give you the restorative sleep you need to wake-up healthy, healed, and energized, and which will set your Circadian rhythm for your next night of healthy sleep.

100% Protection

Our proprietary lenses use patented science to block 100% of the blue light spectrum emitted by digital devices and ambient lighting in the home...not 20%, 30% or even 70% like cheaper brands--we are 100% protection at 455 nanometers where it matters MOST.

Maximum COLOR perception

See the rainbow without the Blue: our proprietary lens technology brings Maximum Color Perception to your eyes, day or night. We utilize natural pigments of Melanin built right into the lens to filter 100% of the spike of Blue Light on the color spectrum that surrounds us - but allows you to SEE all the other colors clearly.

High quality frames & materials

All our frames are hand crafted from premium acetate in small batch production. Your order is made just for you. Every modern style comes with a highly durable Entheos frame.